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    35/35 Milestone

    It’s finally here. 35 weeks, with 35 days to go. Thought it would be fun to compare this round with my previous 35 week pictures. Here ya go!

    From the pictures, I feel like they are almost a cross between my 2 previous pregnancies. My belly is rounder this time, like I was with Scratch Jr. But I also feel like I’m a little bigger around the waist, like I was with Miss Scratch. It looks like I’m carrying this one a little higher then both previous rounds, but who knows. It’s just fun to compare. At least for me. :D

    Did I ever mention that all the gender prediction tests said 80/20 for girl? It did.


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    6th Installment

    This will hopefully be the 2nd to last installment. My mother-in-law thinks I’ll go into labor early. I hope she’s right and I didn’t just jinx myself. There are a few different reasons I’d like baby to be born early. 1) We finally booked our tickets to Houston and the earlier baby is born, the older baby will be on our flight. 2) Get off work sooner…meaning more time in the cooler weather during maternity leave. 3) I am ready to meet Baby Scratch (between 37-40 weeks, obviously…I want baby to be fully cooked). However, after the 25th would be the most convenient since my mom will be in town to watch Miss Scratch and Scratch Jr.

    At last week’s appointment I had gained 30 lbs..which is actually less by about 1.5lbs that with Miss Scratch or Scratch Jr. I’m guessing next week’s appointment will more than make up for that difference. :)

    So, here’s my growth pictures. I feel huge. I’m told I’m not. But when maternity shirts start not fitting over the belly…it’s a sign.

    Is it wrong that I want to start buying non-maternity clothes? Like pants and such? I’m really into shopping right now and I really don’t want to buy anything that I won’t be able to wear in 2 months. Is this a part of nesting? Building my closet? lol I like to think so. I did buy some shoes recently. TOMS was having a sale…plus I hear nude and leopard flats are in…big time. So, I got some of those too. :D

    Gender prediction this month? I still say girl. But there arr some folks that say I’ve only gained weight in my belly again…which would seem like boy again. Not too much longer before we find out though. FYI…picking things for baby, like pacifier holders and crib sheets, are that much harder when you want them to be feminine and masculine. lol

    We did have our last ultrasound a few weeks ago and baby is looking good. Head down, healthy, lots of hair (thank goodness), and long. Very long. How do we know? Well, baby’s feet were 7.3 cm and an average baby at 32 weeks would have feet around 6 cm. Also, an average baby’s femur at that age would be one week behind the rest of the body. Baby Scratch’s femur is a week ahead of their body…so 2 weeks longer than average. Yikes!

    Heartburn is still crazy there. Not pleasant.

    Baby Scratch is a mover and a shaker for sure. Constantly moving. If I am sitting…baby is moving. Nothing like Baby Scratch’s siblings. They only moved during parts of the day. I hope that doesn’t mean that Baby Scratch isn’t going to sleep. Momma needs her sleep.

    According to the websites, Baby Scratch is about 5 lbs and is about 18 inches long now. Think honeydew melon size. She’s just putting on weight now. Oh and she’s peeing. Eww! Oh and hearing is totally developed.

    With Scratch Jr’s bday out of the way, we’re moving on to all things Baby Scratch. I’ve asked Scratch to pull down baby clothes from the attic, so I can start washing. Then I need to put away..somewhere. Not sure where that is yet. I’ve got to stock up on some misc things that we’ll need too. We moved the carseats around this weekend and managed to fit them all in the 2nd row of our car. Woo Woo! It will be interesting for sure. Now we just need to come up with names. I think we have a boy name picked out…but I hesitate to say it out loud. I know the minute I do, Scratch will change his mind. Again. Ugh! Still no agreement on a girl’s name yet. Although I’m trying. :D


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    Scratch Jr’s 2 Yr Interview

    Welp….that’s right. Scratch Jr is 2 yrs old. He has changed so much in the last year…let alone last 6 months. We celebrated his big day with an Elmo themed party, which I’ll post pictures of soon. It ended up being a perfect day though, so we were very fortunate.

    That said, it is tradition (and lord knows I love me some traditions) that I ask the birthday kid some questions. You can see Miss Scratch’s interviews here and here.

                                             Picture c/o Auntie D

    1. Favorite Color? Purple (or puple)

    2.Favorite Food? Elmo

    3. Favorite Song? Elmo

    4. Favorite Movie? Elmo

    5. What do you love? Elmo nine

    6. Best Friend? Bella (our dog…he is NOT a fan of bella. lol)

    7. Favorite Toy? Evie (or Ewie) (Evie’s response, “Evie, the talking girl.”)

    8. What does momma always say? Book (or boo)

    9. What does daddy always say? Car (or caaaar)

    10. Favorite Animal? Moo (aka Cow)

    11. Why did the chicken cross the road? No! (apparently done with the interview)

    Obviously, these are my interpretation of his actual answers. lol. At least every answer wasn’t “Ehhh” :)


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    One Night Stand

    We’re talking about a DIY nightstand project, people…get your head out of the gutters. :D

    When Miss Scratch got her new bed, it left her without a place to put her humidifer, clock/nightlight, and sound machine. We moved the bookshelf (which originally held these things) into the playroom for extra storage. Plus, her twin bed now took up more space in her room.

    Here’s the “before” of her room…back when she was just a baby.

    Knowing that she needed something to put her things on, I scoured the internet. I need something pretty thin since the twin bed was quite a but bigger than the crib. I looked at all my usual places for cheap furniture, i.e. Target, Walmart, random google, Ikea, and Craigslist. Well, my search paid off when I noticed a listing on Craigslist for the nightstand I was looking for, albeit a lighter shade of wood. It was only $20…woo woo!

    So, Scratch picked it up and brought it back to it’s new home. I forgot to take a photo of it when we first got it. :( But here’s it disassembled to start the beautification process. Sorry for the dark pictures. I was in a rush to get the process started. No time for before picts. Obv!

    My intention was that I would stain it to match the rest of her furniture. However, when I finally saw it in person I knew that wasn’t going to be possible. It wasn’t real wood, as I hope it would be. :( So I started thinking what else I could do.

    a) leave it alone and it would just be a different wood color

    b) paint it dark brown to try and match the furniture

    c) paint it something fun

    I went with Option C. I started looking at paint options and decided on going with Chalk Paint. Not chalkboard paint. Totally different. Chalk Paint is totally safe to use while pregnant, and it’s totally easy to use.

    Why chalk paint instead of regular ol’ latex paint? Well…like I mentioned before, this wasn’t real wood. Which meant that i would have had to sand and prime the furniture before painting to make sure it didn’t chip off later. And primer + latex paint (in sample sizes) are preggo friendly.

    Chalk paint was super easy. I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and all I had to due was paint 2 coats directly on the nightstand and then seal it with a soft wax. That’s it. This could all be done in a day. There are only really 2 downsides to chalk paint…1) it’s kinda pricey, but a little goes a long way. I was able to get by with just a sample size for $13 and still have a little left. But the soft wax only comes in 1 size, so that was $27 and I still have TONS left. 2) The soft wax takes 3 weeks to cure. Now…if this wasn’t going in Miss Scratch’s room this wouldn’t be an issue at all. The lady at the store said you could use it as soon as the wax wasn’t tacky, but you shouldn’t move things around on it. Welp…I knew that things would get moved in Miss Scratch’s room. She can’t keep her fingers off anything. lol. So I waited.

    Also, something to note. This doesn’t bother me…but it does have a matte finish, unlike her other furniture which is slightly more glossy.

    Ooh…and I went with green. One of her favorite colors. :D So, in all her newness, her is the new nightstand. Again…sorry about the pictures and the shadows. My only excuse? I sat down to take the photos and this pregnant woman did NOT want to stand back up to open the window. lol. Lame, I know.

    Also, to make it more fun….I “modge podge’d” scrapbook paper on the inside. All about the details, right?

    And here’s Miss Scratch’s (and Scratch Jr’s temporary) updated room.

    Ohh…and books are a big part of our life. So, when we took the bookshelf out of Miss Scratch’s room, we replaced it with 4 book holders attached to the wall and painted to match her pink wall. They are awesome. They are spice racks from Ikea that were $4 each (I think) and they hold quite of bit of books.

    So, that’s another DIY project down.

    I did take pictures of the complete-for-now playroom…but need to get them off the camera.

    I’m in party planning mode for the next 2 weeks for Scratch Jr’s 2nd bday. Elmo, here we come!


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    5th Installment

    I was definitely better this month is taking pictures. With only 9 weeks (approx.) left of my last pregnancy, I suppose I decided that I needed to be better about documenting it. That includes taking pictures.

    As of last week, I had gained 26 lbs I think. Which is over the “normal” weight gain range by 3 lbs. But I’m not stressing. When I was pregnant with Miss Scratch, I was about the same. In fact I think I was 1lb more. I gained 40lbs with both previous kids…and didn’t have any troubles. So whatev.

    So, here’s my growth pictures. I’m getting huge. And unfortunately (unlike with Scratch Jr) it’s not just my belly. My butt is huge too. :(

    Also, please disregard the dirty mirror…I’ve explained that issue in this post.

    Note to self…dark colors, make you look less huge. lol

    So, I’m loving the leggings right now. I bought some through a blog suggestion and they are awesome. They are non-maternity, so that I can wear them later too. They just fit under the belly for now. They are perfect though. They don’t stretch. I don’t have to continuously pull them up throughout the day and they are completely opaque. Woo Woo! I’ve been buying a lot of clothes lately..but mostly I’ve been buying non-maternity stuff. Especially cardigans. I can wear them with my leggings now and later. With only 2 months left, I’m trying to hold out on buying any more maternity clothes (except for the 2 shirts I just bought from Gap for $15 total…I mean seriously…that’s too cheap to pass up).

    Gender prediction this month? Hmmm…my gut is still girl. But…2 things may sway that.
         #1 At my last Dr appointment he said, in a teasing voice…” I know what you’re having!” Then I can’t be sure…but during the appointment he might have said “he”. Coincidence? My imagination? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
         #2 With both Miss Scratch and Scratch Jr, names were pretty easy. In fact with both, really, we had a pretty definite idea that if they were that gender that would be their name. If they had been opposite genders (i.e. if Miss Scratch had been a boy), we would have been lost. We have no really ideas for boy names at the time. Same with Scratch Jr being a girl. Fast forward to now….we still don’t have any names picked out…but it seems that Scratch can agree (or not immediately veto) more boy names that girl…so are we having another boy?
    Our next ultrasound is next week. Maybe I’ll spy something accidentally. ;P
    Heartburn is worse than it was with Miss Scratch. I take medicine at least 2 times a day. Sometimes 3. I take Gas-X about 2-3 times a week. I wake up gasping for air when my stomach acids come up and choke me. lol. TMI?  It’s not fun.

    This baby is sooo much more active at night that either Miss Scratch or Scratch Jr. It’s not painful (yet)…just prevents me from getting to sleep sometimes.

    According to the Dr last week, Baby Scratch is still in breach position. There is still time for him/her to move…but that window is getting smaller and smaller. Dr said at 36 weeks, we’ll have to start talking options since at that point baby only has a 10% chance of turning themselves. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do at this point to encourage baby to flip. At the ultrasound next week, we’ll confirm one way or the other though.

    Baby Scratch is about 3.3 lbs and is about 16 inches long now. Think coconut size. She is getting plumper in her arms and legs and she can turn her head from side to side. She can also use all 5 of her senses now…although apparently smelling only happens when she comes out. Smell doesn’t travel through amniotic fluid…which is probably a very good thing.

    We’ve been keeping busy lately, that’s for sure. We’ve finished Miss Scratch’s dresser. Temporarily finished the playroom. Scratch Jr’s bday is coming up…the big 2. So, we’re I’m in party planning mode. We’ve got friends coming to visit this week and a Superbowl Party to enjoy. Whew…no wonder I’m exhausted. Just talking typing about it all is getting me tired. :D

    No more than 9 weeks, 6 days left. Even though I’m sure (based on past experience) Baby Scratch will be late, I hope he/she is early. Like maybe mid March.:D Too much to ask?


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    DIY Chevron Curtains

    In my attempt to redo the guest room into a more functioning playroom, I had to ditch the original curtains for more playful, coordinating ones. If you’ve never seen this room before, it has french doors (with windows) that open to the living room. Perfect for a playroom…spy on the kids. Not so perfect for the guest room.

    So, I started my search for curtains. That was not an easy task. I didn’t have a specific pattern in mind, but I did have colors. I wanted white background with a mostly turquoise pattern. The room wall color is a light grey with turquoise and pink as the accents in the room. (I’ll share pictures VERY soon…I want to have 2 more pictures hung and I have been fighting with my printer for 2 weeks to get them printed. Not happy about that.)

    Anyway, room darkening curtains was also important, as they do need to provide privacy and block some light since the doors open up to the living room.

    Some things I learned along the way: (1) curtains are expensive (ii) turquoise patterns are not popular and (c) trying to find my curtains was impossible.

    So…I looked into making them. Normally this would involve fabric and a sewing machine. I am NOT a good seamstress, by any means…but these were not curtains that were going to be used a lot, so I wasn’t worried. However…fabric is expensive and I have no idea what I’m looking for when it comes to type. All I know is in “upholstery or drape” fabric…turquoise patterns are rare.

    I did see several chevron prints though and thought that they looked fun and playful. However, I was hoping to have some pink in the curtains too.

    This lead me to google DIY curtains…then DIY chevron curtains. And I hit jackpot. Boy, do I love me some google. Most of the tutorials out there  were for painting curtains and I loved that idea. Easy to do, cheap, and exactly what I was looking for. Perfect!

    These are the sites that I looked at and were helpful.

    While they Snooze, Ashley Taylor Photography, and KFD Designs.

    Anyway, here’s pictures of my curtains and the process.

    Oooh….and I bought $28 curtains are Ikea. They are even room darkening and white.

    Step 1: Tape Off (accidentally started painting prior to picture. lol)image

    This was definitely the most time consuming. I spent several days prior to the start of the project sketching what I wanted in regards to how many chevrons (peaks) and how many rows, how big the turquoise rows should be, the pink rows, and the gaps. Then I made a template using cardboard (that ended up being too small…but I made do). I used the template to tape the pattern with frog tape. Most of the tutorials I read used Blue Painter’s Tape. I didn’t know if it was because that’s what they had, or if it was important. I had Frog Tape…so I went with that. 

    Couple things about that…

    1. Painter’s Tape can be found in 2” width. I assumed Frog Tape was as well…it is not. It’s only 1.41”, so all my measurements from the previous days were thrown out the window.

    2. Can’t compare to Painter’s Tape, since I didn’t use it…but I did get some bleed in my paint. Maybe that’s why Painter’s Tape is used? I also read a tutorial about putting Modge Podge over the tape edges prior to painting to seal better. Maybe I should have tried that?

    Step 2: Paint


    I used a roller for the turquoise and a brush for the pink. The Blue tended to leave pretty crisp lines…I’m assuming because it was a a thinner and more uniform application. The pink bled through more often. However, because the blue was thinner, there are some “lighter” spots when it’s hung.

    (don’t pay any attention to the blue dot on the white bottom. :( I was SOSOSOOS careful the whole time not to drip or mess up. Then as I “ziploc”d the bag with the roller in it (for future use)…the bag dripped. Gah! Oh well…it’s for the playroom.

    Step 3: Wait 24 hours and rip the tape off to check out curtains.

    Not too bad from far away, eh?

    Apparently, it’s 24 hours til dry and 72 hours til cured and you can wash them…but no thanks. I don’t plan to wash them for awhile. I’m not risking it.

    Step 4: Hang’ em up!

    Pay no attention to the mess beyond the doors, pleaseandthankyou. :)

    Also, sneak peak of the playroom.

    Now…these curtains aren’t perfect…they look handmade. But I’m ok with that. For the most part they’ll be hung like the first picture, where the imperfections don’t really show.

    Plus…I hemmed them with Heat ‘N Bond. Awesomeness!

    So, in total…I spent


    2 hours sketching.

    4 hours taping and painting 2 panels

    48 Drying time (24 hrs each panel)

    30 minutes to hem.

    Money (approx):

    $28 for curtains

    $7 for tape. (I used at least a whole roll…I had 1/2 a roll, then had to buy another roll and have about 1/2 left)

    $16 for paint (sample size and quart size. However, I have 1/2 the quart left…so I might have been able to get away with 2-3 of the sample size.)

    $2 for hem tape.

    Therefore…6.5 hours of my time and $53 for 2 curtain panels that were originally (before hemmed) 92” long. That’s pretty dang good, if you ask me. :D

    Next up…Miss Scratch’s nightstand and the “finished” playroom.


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    Starting from (Mrs) Scratch turned 4 today!
Can’t believe it’s been four years. Crazy! I originally started blogging (on blogger) right before I went on my honeymoon. Scratch didn’t think it would last. Being my stubborn self, I’ve been trying to prove him wrong ever since. :)

    Starting from (Mrs) Scratch turned 4 today!

    Can’t believe it’s been four years. Crazy! I originally started blogging (on blogger) right before I went on my honeymoon. Scratch didn’t think it would last. Being my stubborn self, I’ve been trying to prove him wrong ever since. :)


    (Source: assets)

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    Mini Me

    So, I’ve just started watching The Bachelor. I have never watched any of the seasons of The Bachelor or Bachelorette before. Never. Not one episode. I have NO idea why I felt intrigued to watch this season. Maybe it was Juan Pablo? I mean, he’s cute and has an accent. Very possible. Or maybe it’s because it happened to start at the perfect time because ALL of my usual shows are on winter hiatus and I’m deprived? Who knows. Point is…I’m watching it.

    I tend to watch it in our bedroom because I know Scratch prefers to watch other things. Anything else, to be exact. Plus…we don’t have DVR, but in the bedroom we have a non-working TiVo. Which means that I can pause live tv. Very useful at that time of the night when Scratch Jr is just going to bed, Miss Scratch is still up and due to be going to bed soon.

    So, Monday nights I go lay on the bed and watch The Bachelor. My new guilty pleasure. Miss Scratch likes to be on our bed. She likes to jump and fall into the down comforter and massive amounts of pillows (I’m preggo, remember :D). The first night she asked what I was watching and when I told her, she asked if we could watch TInker Bell (to which i nicely explained…no. lol). She reluctantly got under the covers next to me and “watched” (while getting up 15 times, jumping, getting books, singing, etc…)

    The next week, I mentioned to Scratch that I was going to watch my guilty please in the room. Miss Scratch overheard (from another room) and decided she wanted to come too. She stayed for 15 minutes before hanging out with daddy was too enticing and she bailed. Last night, however, a Thursday night, Scratch was working late and the kids decided they wanted to play in our room, so I went in to supervise and sat on the bed. Immediately, Miss Scratch wanted to get on the bed too (and then Scratch Jr followed…since he is her copy cat). She asked what we were going to watch. Apparently associating getting on the bed with watching TV. I asked her what she wanted to watch.

    "Ummm….I want to watch…The Bachelor"

    hahaha…Mini Me

    (For the record, we did not watch The Bachelor. We watched Tinker Bell ;P)


                                             My Little Fashionista


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    11 Things

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever done one of these before, but it looks like fun. And it’s only once a year…so I’m pretty sure I can commit.

    Chelsey at The Paper Mama Blog has done this for three years now…so I just plan to answer her questions. And for my 4 readers :D,  I’d love to hear your answers too.

    1. Are you a cat or dog person? Or, bird person? I am most definitely a dog person. Can’t drive me crazy and I am terrified of birds. Terrified!

    2. What was your favorite food as a kid? Is it the same, or has it changed as an adult? Hmmm…I’m sure as a kid, I loved pizza and tacos. Those are the normal kids’ favorites, right? Although I do remember it being a very special day in my house when I was allowed to have a grilled cheese and chicken soup for dinner. Yum!

    3. What is your favorite hobby? Shopping. No question.

    4. If you HAD to move to a different state (or country) where would it be? This is hard because I’ve never lived anywhere else really. My immediate  answer would be Northern Cali because you get change or seasons, beautiful weather, and beautiful scenery….but I’ve never lived there so the traffic, cost of living, etc… may not be worth it. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, but not sure I’d want to live there. Don’t they have the most amount of deadly animals? lol

    5. Are you a winter or summer person? I guess I’d say winter. I love scarves and boots and jackets. That said…I live in AZ. Our winters are MILD. Would I say the same if I have to scrape ice off my windshield and if summers weren’t 120deg and unbearable outside? I can’t say.

    6. What makes you happy? My family and shopping. :)

    7. What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked? I’m sure I’ve been asked some weird questions, but I can’t really think of any right now. I will say that right before I announced I was pregnant, I was around 11 weeks and in an elevator with a male coworker. He rubbed his belly and asked what I had going on right there. Ummm…not appropriate. lol.

    8. 2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why (question found here)? Elves, definitely. Then I could dress like them. Their outfits are beuatiful…at least in the Lord of the Rings. :D

    9. 3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next (question found here)? I would probably take it because I would be shocked and hold it until he told me what else to do with it. I’m pretty obedient when it comes to things that I’m not familiar with…he’s the professional, right? He probably asked me to hold it for a reason. hahah

    10. What was your first job? Does babysitter count? If not, then I worked at a video rental store that sold Thrifty Ice Cream. It was THE best job. Free movies, free ice cream, and on the weekends when we weren’t busy I could do my homework.

    11. What is your favorite utensil? I would probably say fork and for some reason, more often then not I grab the small fork. lol.

    What say you???


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    4th Installment

    Well, here I am at almost 28 weeks. I guess it’s been a little longer than a month since the last installment…but in all fairness…the holidays.

    I’m sure the holidays didn’t help my weight gain either. I made 3 types of cookies…totaling about 10 dozen cookies for just our house alone…and nobody came to visit. So, that’s 4 people. And considering 2 of them are little and don’t get a say on when or how many cookies they eat that leaves me and Scratch to eat them. (Side note…they are not ALL gone yet…we probably still have a couple dozen calling my name at home). But yeah…I’d be surprised at the next weigh in if I didn’t triple last months gain.

    Oh and I’ve been really bad about taking pictures…so let’s see what I can come up with. :D


    *Yeah…2 pictures. That’s what I came up with. I probably could have found more, but that would have involved uploading pictures from the camera. That, alone, would have taken me another week. So I chose to post this, put my failed photo taking ability behind and resolve to take more pictures in the new year. Also, confession. There was really only 1 picture. I took the 27 week one today. At which point I’m technically closer to 28 weeks. But…it counts. :) Oh and enjoy the photobomber brushing his teeth.

    Almost immediately after my last installment, I begrudgingly transitioned to maternity pants. There becomes a point in the pregnancy where is it not worth the button indentations that appear when wearing pre-preggo clothes. For me that time was about 23 weeks. I wear leggings a lot though…because those are not maternity and make me fell somewhat fashionable. I even got some new cardis (thanks Amy!) for Christmas to extend what I can wear with my leggings.

    Gender prediction this month? No change. I have no idea. ALL of my symptoms are similar to when I was pregnant with Miss Scratch. And even though (as of the last appt) my weight gain was on par with both Miss Scratch and Scratch Jr…I feel wide. My butt has definitely grown and when I turn around…you can tell I’m pregnant. With Scratch Jr,  I could still be mistaken for not being pregnant (from the back) since I carried all in my tummy. At least that’s what I like to believe. So for this month…I’ll say it’s a girl, cause my beauty has definitely taken a toll. 

    We’ll have our next ultrasound in about a month…although I still won’t be looking for gender. At least we’ll get to see Baby Scratch again.

    Heartburn. It’s a problem. I have it everyday. I take Tums multiple times a day. I take Zantac daily. I wake up in the middle of the night due to heartburn. I had to change pillows so I’m more upright when I sleep. I will definitely be checking for hair in the ultrasound. This kid better have it. Lots of it!

    Baby Scratch is a mover, but only when I’m resting. If I’m up and moving around…he’s in there going with the flow. Probably alseep. The moment I sit down, lay down, whatever…I feel lots kicking. Scratch has felt the baby move a few times. I’ve tried to get Miss Scratch to feel too, but she’s either not interested or doesn’t know what she’s looking for. One time I know Baby Scratch kicked her, but she said she didn’t feel anything. Of course, she was zoned out on the iPad…so there’s that too. 

    Baby Scratch is weighs about 2 lbs and is about 14 and 1/2 inches long. She now has a routine and sleeps and wakes at regular times. She can blink and swallow…so she’s busy gulping all that yummy amniotic fluid. She’s also able to hear now and I have no doubt that when she comes, she’ll recognize me, Scratch, and Miss Scratch (who talks about as much as I do). As for Scratch Jr…she’ll probably only recognize him when he grunts and whines. lol

    Miss Scratch is very excited about baby. She constantly reminds me that I have a baby in my belly (as if I needed it) and “pets” my belly. BTW…her belly is big too…full of food though. :D Scratch Jr on the other hand, he’s not convinced there’s a baby in my belly. He’s says no when we tell him. I think he wants to remain the baby.

    We had a very busy holiday break with things to do in the house. We’ve painted the play room (apparently I need to paint something in the house every year…wonder what 2014 holds??) We’ve rearranged the bookshelves to be more geared towards the kids and their books. We’ve gotten new storage for all their toys. Thank goodness. We just need some wall art, some baskets for the bookshelf, and maybe a rug and the playroom will be done. Pictures to come when all that is complete. This week I also painted a nightstand for Miss Scratch’s room. Originally I wanted to stain it to match her furniture, but once I saw it I realized it wasn’t wood and I wouldn’t be able to stain. So, plans changed…and I got to use Chalk Paint (not to be confused with Chalkboard Paint) for the first time. Very easy to use. A post will be on her new nightstand once it’s done.

    Three more months to go before we meet Baby Scratch. On one hand, I am so excited and feel like it’s taking an eternity to get to March. On the other hand, this is my last pregnancy so I’m trying to remember the feelings, the kicks, and my growing belly before they are gone.


I'm newly married to an amazing guy, Scratch. We have a baby girl, Miss Scratch who's quite the handful. I'm an engineer and very OCD about things. I love being a wife and mom, my dog (Bella), shopping, playing poker, and the Twilight Series.
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