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    It finally happened…

    The Floater.

    Let me set the stage. It was bath night at the Scratch house. Scratch and I had just finished bathing the kids and they were playing splashing. The water was starting to get a little cool, so we decided that it was time for Scratch Jr to get out and get dressed. Miss Scratch said that she wanted to play for a few more minutes. No problem, I thought. Until…until I saw her start to hunch over and push. I knew immediately that she was trying to go to the bathroom…#2 to be specific.

    I told her that we needed to get out and sit on the potty. She DID NOT want to do that. I told her we’d have to go put a diaper on. She DID NOT want to do that. She wanted to continue playing in the tub. She seemed like she was fine, so I decided to let her keep playing.

    Not more than 2 minutes later, I decided that it was time and stood up to pick her up…and lo and behold…guess what I found. Yeeaaaahhhh…not cool, kid…not cool!

    So, after I pulled her out. Got her dressed and combed her hair, I let her play with the iPad and got busy cleaning ALL her toys and the tub. Oh yeah and getting the floater out of the tub.

    These are the joys of parenthood. :) I’m hoping this is the first and last time this happens. At least with her. I’ll give Scratch Jr one time too.

    When leaving the bathroom, Scratch says, “I got it next time.”

    Yes. You do…Yes. You do.


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I'm newly married to an amazing guy, Scratch. We have a baby girl, Miss Scratch who's quite the handful. I'm an engineer and very OCD about things. I love being a wife and mom, my dog (Bella), shopping, playing poker, and the Twilight Series.
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